Family Law Attorneys in Hackensack Recommend Planning For These Three Things During Divorce

Is a divorce in your future? Family law attorneys in Hackensack help hundreds of couples each year with divorce needs, including friendly divorces, not-so-friendly divorces, and absolute nightmares! The better prepared you are, the better chance you have of enjoying a low-conflict divorce. But in any case, you should plan for these three things that might stress you out!

Divorce is Costly! Plan For Fees, Attorney Costs, and More

One of the things people don’t realize is just how expensive divorce can be! In fact, the average cost of getting a divorce runs around $13,000—including about $11,000 in lawyer’s fees, and around $2,000 in other costs. While hiring a family law attorney in Hackensack can help you get your needs met, attorney fees are the most expensive part of divorce. Consult with a family law attorney to explore the types and costs of services that you need.

Family Law Specialists in NJ Know Divorce Isn’t Quick

You can get married in about 10 minutes in the right places, but separating is a little more complicated. In fact, the average time to complete all of the legal portions of a divorce can actually take up to a year! And that’s for uncomplicated cases. For cases that require more advanced legal services, like mediation, a court date, or trial, divorces can stretch out for about 18 months. Working with a family law specialist in NJ can help you get your divorce completed as quickly as possible.

Manage Big Feelings During Your Divorce For A Better Separation

Finally, family law attorneys recommend that you plan for “big feelings” and conflicted emotions during your divorce. A lawyer can’t really help with those feelings, but we’ve found that cases work better when you have support for the stress of divorce. Whether that involves seeking support from family and friends, engaging in self-care rituals, or even working with a professional divorce counselor, your case will go smoothly if you are in control of yourself.
For more tips on planning a successful divorce, check back on our blog! For personalized tools and legal advice, call our team of family law attorneys in Hackensack.