NJ’s Top Attorneys Recommend You Avoid These Things During Child Custody Disputes

Divorce is never fun, but when you separate and have children, child custody disputes in NJ can get ugly! Family law attorneys in Hackensack have worked with countless families through their child custody issues, and we’ve seen some bad behavior. Of course, you know that illegal actions, such as verbal or physical abuse, stalking, harassment, or destruction of property is unacceptable and will seriously damage your case, but what about other common issues that arise? Here are three of the biggest things you need to avoid doing during your child custody dispute.

This is The Number One Behavior To Avoid During Your Child Custody Case

What is the one thing that isn’t technically illegal, but that can cost you in your child custody case? Family attorneys in NJ know it is parent alienation. This is when you turn yourself against your child’s other parent, and try to turn your child against them as well. This is legally unacceptable, and morally wrong. This can be direct, like telling a child “daddy is a bad man!” or indirect, like telling a child “I’m so much more fun than mommy, isn’t it better here?” These things don’t just make judges frown, they harm your child. No matter how you feel about your ex, remember, that is your child’s mother or father. Don’t trash talk the other parent!

Family Lawyers in NJ Advise Against Social Media Posts

If you read the first part of this blog, you already know that you shouldn’t degrade or talk bad about your ex, including on social media. But what else should you be careful with when posting on social media during a child custody dispute? NJ’s best lawyers have seen some unusual things, including people whose cases have been destroyed by social media. In general, we advise a high level of discretion and privacy—your legal issues should be between you, your child’s other parent, and the legal professionals involved. Do not post information about your case, your ex, or your legal process. And in general, keep in mind that your social media presentation reflects on your character. Time to put it on private and pull down those party pics from college.

Never Lie or Ask Anyone Else to Lie During Your Child Custody Evaluation

Family lawyers in Hackensack know that people do things they are not proud of. If we were perfect, nobody would need lawyers! But when you are facing a child custody evaluation, honesty is more important than “looking good.” Be candid, both with your legal team, and the judge or other decision-maker, even about things you are not proud of. If you do have problems in your legal history, present that as matter-of-fact, and shift the focus to how you are addressing these in the interest of your children. Don’t lie, hide, or “cover up” these mistakes, or you may show a pattern of deceit and misrepresentation that will reflect poorly on your case.
These are just a few things that you should keep in mind when working through a child custody evaluation in NJ. Family law attorneys at Davies Law are here to help with specifics, so please give us a call today to discuss your child custody case.